Video Game Localization Services

Create a compelling gaming experience for your customers by localizing their video games. We have been helping digital products succeed on the global market for over a decade. You can depend on our native-language localization and linguists experts for an enthralling and immersive gaming experience in every language.. We’re available 24/7.

Global Growth & Success for Your Video Games

Our video game localization services provide a compelling experience for users all over the world.

In other words, if you’re planning to release your video game in international markets, now is the time to localize it. In order to maximize your market share, you need to create a tailor-made user experience since launching just one version of your product will drastically impact your market share. Language, culture, and gaming habits all play a significant role in game localization. However, what are the best practices? Video game localization is made easier with the assistance of a partner that specializes in culture and languages.

Video Game Localization Services from America to Asia

Video games are popular everywhere, regardless of geography,  age,  gender or language. Why can’t your video game become a hit in Asia if it’s a hit in the States?

You cannot do business globally if you don’t localize your video game, its language,  icons ,interface, graphics, and colors. While ensuring cross-platform compatibility, it is difficult to satisfy increasingly demanding user expectations.

Is your video game compatible with multiple devices and operating systems? In addition to textual structure and capabilities a regular translation agency can offer, do you require video game localization modifications? We can modify your game’s coding in order to take into account not only wording but also graphical differences between your source and target languages (such as font types and icons). Video game localization increases your appeal from the America to the  Asia.

Coding and Testing in Video Game Localization

We make sure that your content is ready for multiple languages.

Using your video game’s code, you can easily translate your product into other languages at low cost and with minimal effort. After your products have been localized to all levels, we test them rigorously to ensure that they are ready for market. This includes:

  • Making sure that the code works correctly
  • In different markets, testing the user experience
  • The visual design must be optimum and free from cosmetic issues
  • Delete any  wording or inappropriate references
  • Maintaining the freshness and quality of the translation

Video Game Voice-Over Services

With selective, extensive voice casting, we choose the right talent for your video game’s characters.

Neither mediocre translation nor clumsy casting can undermine your words’ passion, purpose, context, or tone. We are aware that you require more than just a native speaker for your project, and we know you require more than just an actor. Our stringent submission standards and extensive voice auditioning process can help your game attain international success.

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All urgent requests can be handled by us 24/7. Get a free quote within 10 minutes by calling 444-333-2211!

We have extensive experience in localizing products for all industries. You can count on us to provide you with the most accurate, highest quality localization services. We invite you to try us out.To reach the world, you focus on expansion. Our focus will be on localizing video games.