Healthcare Translation Services

You must provide your multilingual patients with the best language support as a healthcare provider. We will provide that service for you with certified medical translations and interpreters.

What is a Medical Translation?

Healthcare providers engage with multilingual patients and stakeholders by translating medical literature (technical documents, drug information, illness worksheets, patient history, etc.). Medical translation is part of that engagement.

Textbooks in medicine are heavily regulated. It is imperative that medical translators be trained and certified professionals who are well versed in their target language and field as well. The terminology in their translations should remain accurate and consistent.

It is here where you can get world-class, certified language professionals to perform accurate and detailed medical translations.

We Ease Communication between Healthcare Providers and Patients

Providing healthcare to patients in today’s increasingly globalized world often means overcoming language barriers.

Clinics, hospitals, and practitioners can employ our medical translators to provide the best care for patients with limited English proficiency by providing the following services:

Certified Translation

Below is a list of documents:

  • Medical reports
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Medical documents
  • Clinical trials
  • Clinical studies
  • Patient-reported outcomes.


Our medical interpreters are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide over-the-phone interpreting services as well as in-person meetings anywhere in the United States. The interpreters at our company are trained to handle high-stress situations efficiently, helping you to effectively communicate in your medical practice.

Medical Translator vs. Medical Interpreter

Medical translators translate medical records for clinical trials, prescriptions for pharmacies, instructions for medical equipment and other documents to an end language.

On the other hand, a medical interpreter works with patients, helping them understand and be understood by healthcare professionals such as doctor and nurses.

Translators work with written words, while interpreters work with people. An interpreter is required to be fast and instant on the tasks at hand, as opposed to a translator who takes time to adapt each word. A professional medical interpreter must be extremely qualified for the role of hospital interpreting, where the stakes are high.

We Help Health Solutions Reach Across Borders

Translations are also provided to  medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, orresearchers.

We translate:

  • Medical journals
  • Pharmacological studies
  • Clinical protocols
  • PatentsRegulatory documents
  • Medical device documentation
  • Product labels
  • Marketing content

Your products will be in compliance with regulatory standards when we translate Instructions for Use (IFU) and CMC information.

Are Hospitals Required to Provide Language Services?

Healthcare providers in the United States who treat patients whose primary language is not English are required to provide medical translators and interpreters, according to the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act.

There are two sections of the ACA governing plain language requirements and culturally and linguistically appropriate messages, establishing the importance of clear and concise communication for all patients with limited English proficiency.

Therefore, the medical translation services we provide are not only a value-added service but also a necessity for your clinic or hospital.

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You can reach us 24/7 if you have an urgent request. In less than 10 minutes, get a free quote by dialing 444-333-2211!

Our translation services are of the highest quality. Our healthcare translations are the most accurate and highest quality available. If you need us, we are always here for you.Our job is to handle the translations while you focus on the world’s health.