Certified Legal Translation Services

Any legal document can be translated and interpreted for court proceedings sworn, notarized, and certified. A team of experts in every area of law composes our legal translators. We offer you accurate court interpreting services whether you need to translate documents for an immigration process or for your immigration case.

Certified Legal Translation Services

It is an unfortunate reality, though, that many joyful decisions, like immigrating to the United States or starting a business, involve long and complex legal processes that involve a large amount of documentation.

Documents written in a foreign language can make things even more difficult.

We work with a team of professional legal translators proficient not only in the language you need, but also in the legal jargon that’s used in the field.

Court Interpreting Services

The process of court interpreting involves translating messages from individuals who speak another language into the official language of the court.

An interpreter for a court must possess incredible agility and sharpness. In order to interpret accurately, a legal interpreter need to speak and understand both languages fluently, regardless of whether the speaker is a court expert or a nervous, soft-spoken witness.

We can provide you with absolute accuracy with our professional court interpreters, and we’re the best you can find.

Law Firm Translations for the Global Market

Considering the globalization of today’s economy, law firms are working more closely with international clients and other international firms. You won’t only close bigger and better deals when you’re prepared for international deals, you’ll also build up your reputation as a firm that knows its stuff and is experienced.

We provide legally certified translations as proof of our language services’ accuracy. Regardless of the language, you can feel confident that the documents for your clients in foreign countries and the court interpreting services for your international cases will be handled with great care and professionalism by our certified legal translation services.

Rigorous USCIS Certified Legal Translation Services

We offer a range of certified legal translation services for a variety of clients, including:


  • Legal counselors and immigrants
  • Professionals and businesses interested in entering the American market
  • Students and scholars interested in studying and working in American universities
  • Change of citizenship for expats
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We Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In less than 10 minutes, call 444-333-2211 to get a free quote!

For the legal industry, we ensure that every translation we perform is accurate and of the highest quality. This is done more quickly than other translation agencies. We can help you meet your deadlines by expediting your request 24/7.Legal matters are taken care of by you. Legal translations are handled by us around the globe.