Many Illinois companies have relied on TransCA Translation Services for many years. As part of a multi-year partnership, we assist companies in establishing connections with their international partners and native language-speaking audiences. Our document translation services are among the most accurate, fastest, and most reliable in the industry.

Businesses and Demographics of Illinois:

Residents and tourists alike can enjoy a variety of wonderful attractions or scenic beauty in Prairie State. Visits to Navy Pier and Starved Rock State Park afford visitors a glimpse of Illinois’ natural beauty, while the Shawnee National Forest and Starved Rock State Park are ideal family destinations. A beautiful stretch of highway extends along a national scenic byway, and it borders the famous Prairie State landscape. On the Main Street of Galena, modern shopping products are combined with old-fashioned storefronts from the 19th century.

With its growing economy, Illinois attracts thousands of people every year to relocate there. The diversity and uniqueness of the culture are increased as more people relocate. In addition to English, Illinois also has Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, German, Italian, French, Korean, Greek, and Russian. It is not only recent immigrants who speak these languages but also those who have migrated for decades and whose languages and cultures have survived up to the present day.

These generations of citizens have all contributed to the development of the state’s economy and industries. Illinois’ economy is dominated by five industries: manufacturing, services, agriculture, exports, and mining. Specifically, the state receives the most revenue from the law, hotel, healthcare, accounting, engineering, finance, wholesale, insurance, real estate, and retail services. State profits are largely derived from manufacturing, as well as from producing food, machinery, and chemicals. Because Illinois produces such a great deal of products, exports make up a significant part of Illinois’ economy, about $50 billion, ranking Illinois 6th in terms of exports. Over 74,000 farms are located in the Prairie State, and they cultivate soybeans, corn, wheat, ginseng, mushrooms, oats, and popcorn. The state’s economy depends on mining petroleum, coal, sand, crushed stone, and gravel.

Illinois’ largest employers include:

  • Government of the state
  • Shire
  • John Rosselli and Associates, Inc.
  • Insurance provided by Allstate
  • Laboratories of Abbott

Document translation is crucial for many Illinois companies, whether they’re marketing locally to English-native speakers or drafting trade agreements. It is imperative that business documents be translated in a 100% accurate manner when doing international business.

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