For the “He Likes Myself Perhaps not,” Ring Ring tries to marry a phony Garu to help you distressed Pucca

For the “He Likes Myself Perhaps not,” Ring Ring tries to marry a phony Garu to help you distressed Pucca

Pucca and you can Garu’s relationship is one of the head centers out of the latest show (the Flash series therefore the Tv show). Throughout the net jeans, solutions where Garu seems to get back the lady affections. It collection, not, is another count. It can be contended even when Garu production thoughts off affection with the Pucca]. Although the guy always operates of their, it may be argued that he’s simply shy/embarrassed or also dedicated to their knowledge to behave for the their attitude. Considering the fact that Garu is just 13 years of age, he might not acknowledge their already present, possibly increasing, feelings on her.

  • In Ping pong Pucca, Garu played with Pucca given that his the fresh new teammate against Tobe and Muji.
  • Into the Why don’t we Go Fly a Ninja, Pucca facilitate Garu from the managing the woman kite while he or she is on it thus they can beat Tobe and his kite.
  • For the Romancing the fresh Clone, Garu grins from the Pucca when she leaves within their clone on to the new wall which they each other team up so you’re able to attack his clone.
  • For the The guy Loves Me personally Not, Garu kicks the wedding cake toward Band Ring’s face, while making this lady unwind the lady traction and then have sucked towards the snap vortex.
  • Inside Sooga Super Squad, Garu, Pucca, Ching and you can Abyo all of the interact to help you overcome Grasp Soo’s worst cousin, Mel.
  • About Sooga Island Preparing Battle, Garu facilitate Pucca whenever Dumpling isn’t able to cook.
  • To locate Honey Dumplings, Pucca, Garu, and you will Ching come together to track down a different honey to own Grandmother.
  • Regarding the Chefs’ Vacation, Pucca and you will Garu form teams to find shrimp, and end up attacking facing Tobe and his ninjas.
  • Regarding the Baseball Race, Garu pairs with Pucca up against Abyo and you can Ching inside their basketball online game.

It is very important keep in mind that into the Pucca:Love Menu (Season step three), Garu features a new field as part delivery kid to own brand new Goh-Rong Chefs, which means the guy hangs up to Goh-Rong (and you may Pucca) significantly more will.


Pucca is actually a quite strong willed woman who, oftentimes, becomes what she wishes. Discover something that she wishes more than anything inside the society: in order to hug the girl ninja “date.” This is simply not this lady best notice, not. For the “Feud Fight,” immediately after are saddened of the the girl uncles attacking and sorrow of the town, she entirely ignores Garu, far to their contentment.

In the series, Pucca is actually proven to has actually nearly superhuman overall performance. They have been energy, price and you will a frustration so good at times that it can even change the environment. Even when she’s got most of these efficiency, she rarely spends them to the woman advantage into the trapping Garu.

Although it is not any magic you to Pucca keeps an endless love having Garu, she immediately after almost let your go. She actually consist in the the matrimony and you will watches unhappily because man she wants so dearly is getting hitched to some other woman. This shows when Garu really wished an other woman in the lifetime she’d help him, it doesn’t matter how sad or resentful it might create the girl. It’s just not before the genuine Garu reveals hate towards tip you to definitely she serves.


Inside Kissing having Ice-cream, which is thought to be the girl earliest meeting with Garu, she drops crazy about him initially, and this is just how the lady make an effort to over come Garu would begin, just like the found in webshorts and one or two transferring show.

Garu hardly output any form regarding affection. He always attempts to refrain Pucca’s tries to kiss him, much in order to Pucca’s anger. You’ll be able to one to Garu do including Pucca right back once the he seem to uses big date with her. However, he keeps their big date alone due to the fact Pucca loves to be accessible him any chance she will get. However, about original thumb series, Garu is seen appearing far more affection on Pucca and are usually even more explicitly exhibited once the several.

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